Foto 1The Company “2RC” sh.p.k. is a private equity company, which was established in Tirana on July 2006, previously known under the name “2R-Constrution” sh.p.k..
“2RC” started its activity into the construction sector and consultancy services related to this filed, while today, thanks to its serious and correct work, “2RC” has developed with considerable rates by extending it business activity broadly into this industry, not only in civil and industrial construction works, but as well as in various electro-energetic works, like construction of  high voltage and medium voltage lines, electric distribution networks, electrical substations, transformer cabins etc.
During the progress of our activity, we have been rewarded with the loyalty of our clients, costumers, collaborators and partners, who simultaneously have appreciated us for the solutions applied in projects, new technologies brought, as well as our outmost attention toward quality, safety, but also in the implementation of deadlines undertaken with precision.


 “2RC” sh.p.k. Company represents a qualitative alternative for construction, design and implementation of civil constructions, industrial, touristic and agriculture ones, etc. Our company aim to create a better and more qualitative alternative in accordance with the normative and laws in force.  


We aim to be one of the leading companies in the field of construction, design and execution of construction and infrastructure projects, in the Albanian market and furtherly. We intend to be an important factor in terms of quality and development of a qualitative infrastructure in Albania.


 “2RC” sh.p.k. Company enjoys a rhythmic and compact staff in its work and in harmony with mission of the company. “2RC” gives a special importance to the qualification and training of its staff, by creating the necessary spaces for further professional growth.