Shkolla_05_01The Company "2RC", through its attaché architects and engineers, offers to its customers and collaborators, projects’ design and engineering in a multidisciplinary way. Furthermore, “2RC” cooperates with the most prestigious design and engineering studios of the countries.

We consider designing as one of the most important stages in the life cycle of the objective set. We like to highlight the importance in defining clear and achievable objectives for the project, in building up project requirements as well as management of cost, time and quality.

"2RC" aims, through the design, to become a worthy representative of its clients’ goal, by ascertaining and implementing the requested needs correctly, adapting with the procedures of the contracting firm, along with the legal norms and international standards. In this way "2RC" considers that is ensured a strong connection in relation to costs, time, quality and satisfaction of customers’ needs.

We follow a simple, but successful scheme for project management, which is defined in the following stages:

  1. Planning and designing
  2. Project implementation
  3. Monitoring and control
  4. Project Completion
  5. Start-up ad hand-over