Tale School, Lezha

Contract Title: “Integrated  Energy  Measures for Schools of Kakarriqi, Urës së Muratit, Marlecaj, Commune of Balldre, Gurrëz, Commune of Fushë Kuqe, Tale, Commune of Shënkoll” Region of Lezha, Albania”

Lezha’s 9-year schools have higher attendance by pupils but very difficult conditions in developing the learning process, with damaged infrastructure and humidity.

Within the Cooperation of IPA Adriatic Cross‐Border Cooperation Programme with Albania, through the programme denominated “ALTERENERGY” supply with energy in a steadily manner for Communes of Adriatic Sea”, our Company was contracted to perform execution of the Project “Integrated Energy Measures for schools of Kakarriqi, Ures se Muratit, Marlecaj, Commune of Balldre, Gurrëz, Commune of Fushë Kuqe, Tale, Komuna Shënkoll, Region of Lezha, Albania. The main objective of this part of the programme is to promote energy efficiency measures into public buildings in Albania, by selecting cost-effective projects, with the introduction of high efficient measures, in order to provide great benefits to its users and also contributing to the growth and productivity of the Albanian economy.

The Project has been performed in two phases:

  • 1 Phase “Energy Efficiency Measures in the External Folding Structure of the building (external thermal insulation of the building, doors and windows placement, etc.)”;
  • 2 Phase “Placement of heating and cooling systems, solar panels and lighting”.

We emphasize from the works performed the followings:

  • Demolition works for roof, ceilings, internal and external plastering, layers etc;
  • Construction of roof, wood floor, waterproofing, insulation, gypsym ceilings;
  • Internal plastering works and painting works;
  • Works for external walls like insulation, placement of plastic grid, ‘grafiato’ plastering, painting works with acrylic paint;
  • Works on floors, waterproofing insulation, placing layers with tiles ‘grez’;
  • Works for external landscaping, drainage works and concrete sidewalks;
  • Construction of heating systems;
  • Construction of a safe and modern electrical distribution network;
  • Construction of the system of hot water supply through solar panels;
  • Construction of Firefighting System.