Residential and Commercial Object in Str. Kavajes

Contract Title: “Design and construction of the Residential and Commercial Object in Str. Kavajes”

The Company “2RC” sh.p.k., previously known as “2R-Construction” sh.p.k. has realized the construction of a residential and commercial object in Str. Kavajes of 8 and 9 floors above ground, and additionally 2 floors underground for parking.

For the first time in Albania, “2RC” Company has undertaken to realize a special system for seismic protection of buildings, by adding to its staff engineers specialized in this field. On the occasion of this special seismic protection system was held a seminar on May 12th 2010, for the working session of which you may refer to our webpage in the section “News”.

We emphasize from the works performed the followings:

  • Earthworks; concreting and steel works;
  • Installment of special anti-seismic system;
  • Drainage and insulation works;
  • Masonry, plastering, painting and gypsym works;
  • Works on layers;
  • Doors, windows and façade works;
  • Implementation of mechanical engineering system, elevator placement, hydraulic system, plumbing, sanitation, water supply network and HVAC system;
  • Implementation of electrical engineering system and construction of electrical cabin;
  • Landscaping and lighting.