Ura pasarela Hec Fierze (13)The Company "2RC" was established with its primary objective to exercise business activity in the construction sector. We aim to become one the leading companies in the construction sector including the civil construction as well as industrial ones.

The Company intends to differentiate the final product offered by her in the market, considering the maximization of each stage through which the construction project passes for a specific building/object. Therefore we chose to work with the best designing and engineering staff, starting from architects, designers, constructor eng., civil and implementation eng., cost eng., electrical and mechanical eng., geodetic eng. to safety officers at works.

2RC” has undertaken, for the first time in Albania, the construction with a special anti-seismic system, by adding to its staff also engineers from this specific field. In our construction projects, we always keep in consideration financial analysis, legal norms and innovative practices and also standards from western countries like eurocode etc., in order to be always consistent with the goals of the company, according to its mission and vision, and accompanied by a high sense of social responsibility towards the environment in which we operate.