Ura pasarela Hec Fierze (16)"2RC" Company offers to its customers, clients, collaborators and partners, whether Albanian or foreign, an entire package of consultancy services, including legal, financial, economic, administrative, design and engineering, etc.

The Company “2RC"considers consultancy to its clients a continuous process necessary for the conception, growth and maturity of the target set.

Main areas of the consultancy services provided by “2RC” are as follows:

  • Management, administration, human resources
  • Law (expertise in tax law, private law, property law, construction law, energetic law, environmental law, labour code etc)
  • Finance, accounting, analysis and audit
  • Communication
  • Real-Estate
  • Environment and its treatment systems
  • Production and various technologies
  • Design and engineering

Each package of services offered by “2RC” is specifically tailored as per the object or the project for which this service has been required, by being adapted with the scopes to be achieved and by applying best practices for clients, collaborators and partners.