ndertime-civileThe Company “2RC” performs its business activity and possesses expertise primarily in the following areas:

  1. Construction, design and implementation of civil, industrial, touristic, agricultural objects etc, and as well application of seismic protection system (for the first time in Albania).
  2. Reconstruction and restoration of various civil, industrial buildings and objects and façade works.
  3. Earth works and transport, masonry works with various materials, concrete and reinforced-concrete works, pre-fabricated concrete works, and several steel and wood structure constructions.
  4. Production and trade of construction materials, retail and wholesale, import – export, as well as production of aggregates, etc.
  5. Works on roads, bridges and work arts, sewerages and water supply systems.
  6. Construction works for electrical sub-stations, transformer cabins, high voltage and medium voltage lines and electric distribution network. Different works in electro-energetic and telecommunication field.
  7. Construction of plants such as technologic, thermal and air conditioning; potable water plants, cleaning and waste water treatment plants; indoor electric plants, telephonic lines and TV etc. Topo-geodetic and geo-engineering works, and different drillings. IT and supporting IT services.
  8. Environmental engineering works.
  9. Use of mechanized equipments. Trade of machineries and electrical, mechanical, hydraulic equipments, etc.
  10. Supervision of different works.
  11. Assistance, mediation, consultation and training in economic, financial and legal field to third parties.
  12. Marketing, Communication and Real-Estate activity