Seminar 4

Seminar: 2RC applies anti-seismic system in construction.

“2RC” Sh.p.k. company applied into the object built in Kavaja street a special system for seismic protection. This system, applied for the first time in Albania, was realized thanks to the cooperation with the Italian company FIP Industrial S.r.l., a company specialized in the study and production of technical products for large buildings and development of technologies for civil engineering works.
Anti-seismic devices protect buildings by changing the response of the structure to seismic events or other natural dynamic events (such as wind, etc.). This technology realizes seismic isolation and energy distribution into the structure where is applied the seismic device, which are of different types and characters.
“2RC” company organized a seminar in respect to the approach and the application of this technology in our country, with a panel of lecturers, doctors in civil engineering specializing in this field, who presented to the participants new technologies applicable to various structures like large buildings, industrial buildings, infrastructural works, hydro-electric, etc. The seminar was attended with interest from engineers and civil constructors, architects and companies with activity in the construction industry.

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